Welcome to my happy healthy life!

This is my private site where I  share my experiences for a happy healthy life!

Yes, it is very essential how we fuel ourselves by food and drinks. But we also need to move in a moderate way, regularly, daily, as much as makes us feel good. Another big influence is done by our thinking, sleep and social contacts with other humans.

All is connected. Of course it always improves our whole being if we at least feed only part of it – as that is better than nothing – but at the end we need to take care to balance all influencing facts to make us sustainably healthy.

The good news is that our body is magic and capable to rejuvenate and regenerate in a way which is much beyond what science knows or has proven so far.
So believe in your very own power and set up your witcheries!

Stay tuned, stay motivated und would love to inspire you <3