Zoodles with avocado cream

Finally did harvest my very first homegrown zucchini this year and from part of it prepared the most probably best known raw vegan dish: zucchini noodles 🙂

I personally never liked such a bunch of rough raw zucchini but over the years developed a way of preparation to make this valuable plant likable in raw version to me as well.

So as a first step I spiralize the zucchini, mingle the zoodles with some sea salt and apple cider vinegar and put in dehydrator for 2-3 hours.

As a further step I prepare a creamy sauce to mix up with the zoodles.
This time I did an avocado cream for which I blended
– one medium avocado
-one pitted date
-one tablespoon apple cider vinegar
-one teaspoon olive oil
-some sea salt
-some chili powder
-one small tomato
-some fresh oregano
-the leftover from the zucchini when spiralizing
And that’s all!

For serving I just mingle the zoodles with the cream, set it up on a plate and add some fresh veggies and/or other pleasures to please my eyes and taste buds. 🙂

Copyright with Sabina Stebegg