Raw vegan fruit bread – a constant love

This “bread” is so easy to make and yet so healthy and tastes amazing! The ingredients you can change according to your personal taste or availability of ingredients. The “dough” I always do the same way, the adds I always change for diversity and pleasure 🙂

Some hours before I want to prepare this fruit bread I soak about 1/2 cup small dried fruits.

For the “dough” I squeeze about 140 g pitted dates and about 1/2 cup of almonds rotative in small quantities through my Champion – producing me the dough I need.
If you do not have a Champion it might work also with a food processor, or, if you do not have that as well, you just can make or buy almond flour and date paste (blend pitted dates with some water) and mingle together.

The “dough” I place in a bowl, add a pinch of untreated sea salt and spices I want, like cinnamon, vanilla, clover, cardamom, ginger powder etc. as well as the soaked fruits (without the soaking water) and mingle well. One should get a firm flexible mass.
Sometimes my mass is to wet, then I add as much coconut flour as needed to get the consistency I want.

It only remains to form the cake. I put it for 24 hours in my dehydrator at 37°C/98 F – but if you do not have any you just can let it to dry out for the same time or longer at room temperature.

When ready I rub the bread with coconut flour to make if look like the traditional one – but of course this is not necessary as well.

It only remains to enjoy this wonderful healthy food – or store in fridge (airtight) for any time you want to take a piece.


Copyright with Sabina Stebegg