Almond cheese “Ricotta style”

Recently tried to prepare a new kind of raw vegan cheese – from pitted almonds! And for now found a new love!
For many years I make my own cheese in much different styles and tastes, and I do like them a lot! But the base is always cashews, which by the time started to no more exciting me, as besides adding different spices, oils or others, it started boring me.
So I’m really happy having worked out this new one based on peeled almonds, for which I poured some 80°C water over the almonds, waited until the water was cooled down and removed easily the brown skin.
Your for sure could use unpeeled almonds as well, but of course taste and consistence will differ.

Then I put the almonds, some sea salt, some water (start with little and add step by step as much as needed) and probiotic powder into the jar of my Vitamix and started to blend on low level, raising slowly, so that the whole mass always stays to the ground and is not splashed around. Maybe in between it is necessary to spread down a bit with a spatula from the sides of the jar.)

For the fermentation I put a wet cotton cheese cloth into a suitable strainer set on a bowl (for collecting the slightly dropping liquid) which I carefully folded around the mass and let it rest at room temperature (must not be dark, but no direkt sun).

After 3-4 hours I put a glass jar filled with water on top for more pressure and left it for fermentation in total 12-15 hours.
And that’s all!
It really is that easy to make a healthy tasteful cheese at home which is fully natural and full of living energy!

There is only left to put the cheese out, carefully remove the cheese cloth and put the cheese in a glass jar with airtight cover for storage in fridge.
Of course you might also enjoy right away 🙂

The first batch I enjoyed for breakfast just with a piece of homemade raw vegan seed bread.
Never forget…….!!!

Copyright on recipe, text and pics is exclusivly with Sabina Stebegg