Health care

An essential key for my healthy being is Yoga. I started to practice more than 20 years ago after suffering from a ruptureddisc. After changing residence and some failing search for a new class I started teaching myself, which is now more than 15 years.

I personally always practiced and still do on the basis of Hatha Yoga, which cares for mindfulness, recreation und breathing.

Originally Yoga has been a spiritual way for the monks, which later has been enhanced by some sitting postures, meant to clear the mind by help of the body. With the time and roll out to public further poses have been added.

Hatha Yoga sets great store on never cross the very own physical possibilities and always be conscious of the doing. It works a lot on ethereal level by raising our energy, strengthening our body, regulating our breath and providing a fundament for our health.

There is no day in my life without practicing Yoga for me alone, is it just for a couple of minutes!